Calé Azad has been a editorial and commercial photographer for the last 18 years, having contributed to publications such as National Geographic, Newsweek, Vogue, GQ, NY Times among others.

In the last 5 years he has been dedicating more time to his art work, part of a big life change he have gone trough. In 2014 he moved from Rio de Janeiro to the small beach of Ibiraquera to dedicate himself completely to meditation and his art projects.

The result can be seen in the series Seekers, which won the Iberoamericanos Award in 2011 and was exhibited in Fotofest Houston 2014 and Flash Forward Boston 2014. He also wont the XIII Marc Ferrez Prize in Brazil in 2013, a U$ 22.000,00 grant to print his book Elo. His work has been seen in galleries, museums and festivals in USA, Denmark, Russia,Ireland, Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia among others.  Other prizes are Best Portfolio of Encuentros Abiertos de Buenos Aires 2012, and a Mention of Honor at Porto Seguro Prize 2002.

His work looks into the universe of his own emotional and spiritual growth: Love, silence, sexuality, the conflicts between essence and ego and the dynamics between the individual and the whole.


2015     Collective Exhibition Ser Carioca de Luz, with images from Elo series, Rio de Janeiro.
2015     Collective Exhibition in Biographica Gallery, São Paulo.
2014    Exhibition of the series Seekers at Fotofest Houston.
2014     Collective Exhibition Latin American contemporary Photography, series Seekers,  at Rosizo Museum, Moscow.
2014    Exhibition of the series Seekers at Flash Forward Festival, Boston.
2014    Exhibition of series Seekers at Festival de La Luz, Buenos Aires
2013    Solo exhibition of the series Elo and Seekers at Galleri Image, Denmark.
2013    Collective exhibition and book Latino/US with photos of the series Seekers.
2013    Solo Exhibition of Seekers at Atelie da Imagem,
2012    Exhibition of the series Seekers at Photovisa Festival, Krasnodar, Russia.
2012    Exhibition of the series Seekers and Tá de Caô at Encontros Abiertos – Festival de La Luz, Argentina.
2012    Collective exhibition Post  with photos of the series Seekers, , Ireland,
2012    First Prize at the III Prêmio Iberoamericanos de Fotografia with the series Seekers, collective exhibition at the Centro Cultural de España in La Paz.
2012     Exhibition of the series Seekers and Tá de Caô? at the Encontros da Luz Festival in Buenos Aires, projection at Centro Cultural Recoleta.
2011    Solo Exhibition  of the series Ta de Caô ? at the Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal, FotoRio Festival.
2011    Exhibition of the seires Ta de Caô ? at FestFoto Porto Alegre, projection at the Instituto Santander Cultural.
2011    Lecture and slide show at Ateliê da Imagem's Sexta Livre project, Rio de Janeiro.
2005    Solo Exhibition of the serires Eleven Uncommon Portraits in Rio at IBEU Gallery, FotoRio Festival.
2003    Collective Exhibition of the series Absent Code at FotoRio Festival, in the show Da Pele Que Quer Ser Vista Ao Sentido do Invisível. The exhibition was also shown at Arte X Arte gallery, Argentina, and at the 3rd Festival de Fotografia de Miraflores, Peru.
2002    Honorable Mention  at the Prêmio Porto Seguro de Fotografia, with the series Código Ausente, collective exhibition in São Paulo.


2014    Elo – self published with funds from Marc Ferrez Prize – ISBN 978-85-9172890-9

Photos in Collections:

-    Arte X Arte Gallery Colection, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Three prints from Código Ausente series.
-    AECID Collection, Government of Spain.
-    Gallery Image
-    Jens Friis collection.

Commercial and Editorial

2005 - 2012    Freelance Photographer, based in Rio de Janeiro  has had his photos in main publications in Brazil and the world, such as National Geographic, Newsweek, NY Times, Vogue, GQ, BIG, Veja, Época, Trip, among others. Has several fashion and comercial clients like Cachaça Leblon, Antonio Bernardo, Banco Icatu, Leeloo, etc...     
2007    Director of Cinematography at the brazilian set of french independent movie Chrysalid, directed by Jeanne Romana.
2007    Director of the music vídeo Esse Sujeito, from brazilian singer Zanna.
2007    Director of video recording of the pocket Ópera Solo, from composer Jocy de Oliveira.
2003 - 2005    Freelance Photographer based in New York represented by the agency Polaris Images. Published in Newsweek, The New York Times, The Fader, Trace, RES, The Village Voice, Bloomberg News, Business Week, Corriere de la Serra, Paris-Match among others
2004     Co-Director of the music video Percão, from  American DJ Diplo.   
2003    Correspondent in Rio de Janeiro for Polaris Images e Bloomberg News.   
2000-2003    Photo Editor at Quem Acontece magazine office in Rio de Janeiro.
1997-2003    Freelance Photographer  for main publications in Brazil like IstoÉ, Época, Valor, Trip, Diálogo Medico, Carta Capital among others.
1997-2000    Staff Photographer of IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine.

Academic Studies

1991 -1997    Studied Architecture at FAU-USP, unfinished.

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